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Alcohol Use Disorder: Nutrition During Recovery

Thus, the aim of the present review article was to examine the current knowledge on vitamin deficiency and its role in chronic liver disease. Numerous studies have described that vitamin supplementation could reduce hepatotoxicity. However, further studies with reference to the changes in vitamin status and the nutritional management of chronic liver disease are in […]

Sobriety Tattoos: Embracing Recovery through Ink

Careful thought should go into the decision to get a sobriety tattoo. Individual factors like addiction history, support systems, and environment should guide choices. Addiction is a heartbreaking medical condition that affects not only the individuals fighting it but also their families and loved ones. For those who have lost someone sobriety tattoos to addiction, […]

How Long Does Ecstasy MDMA Stay in Your System?

These tests are uncommon, but a study shows MDMA can be detected at least 3 months after use after just two uses. As the MDMA circulates through the blood, the liver and kidneys filter it. The body breaks some (but not all) of the MDMA down into other compounds known as “metabolites.” The remaining MDMA […]